JATA Launches a Business Matching Site for Members

Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)

The Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) is set to launch the ‘JATA Business Matching Site’ on February 13th, enabling members to introduce and solicit products and services among themselves.

Developed as a format aiming for ‘Collaboration and Co-creation among Our Members’, as recommended by the ‘Travel Industry Revitalization Strategy Meeting’ announced at the general meeting in June 2022, this platform allows members to introduce and solicit their companies’ products and services. It aims to facilitate information sharing among members, leading to the creation of new business opportunities, faster information retrieval, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced productivity on the ground.

The usage is open to 1,538 of JATA’s regular members, associate members, and domestic supporting members. There is no charge for using the service, although there is a review process for postings.

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