Emirates Enhances Australian Routes

Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline is strengthening its routes to Australia.

Starting from October 1st, the aircraft for the Dubai-Brisbane route (EK430/431 flights) will be changed to the Airbus A380. In June 2023, with support from the Queensland government, the frequency was increased to two round trips per day.

From December 1st, the Dubai-Perth route will also see an increase to two round trips per day. The Boeing 777-300ER will be used for this route.

Emirates Airline currently operates 63 round trips per week to four Australian cities: Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. Starting from February 1st, the number of premium economy class seats on the Dubai-Melbourne route will be doubled through an aircraft change, and two round trips per day using the Airbus A380 will be introduced on the Dubai-Sydney route.


EK430 Dubai (02:30)
Brisbane (14:20)
EK431 Brisbane (01:55)
Dubai (10:05)

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