Thai Airways Orders 45 Boeing Aircraft, Details Announced at Singapore Airshow

Thai Airways (Boeing 787-8)

Thai Airways has agreed to order 45 new aircraft and engines with Boeing and GE Aerospace.

The aircraft, intended for medium-long haul routes, will be introduced from 2027. Although it had a fleet of 100 aircraft in 2013, due to the aging equipment retirement attributed to COVID-19, the total count was reduced to 64 by the end of 2022. To respond rapidly to the demand recovery post-COVID, the airline has been leasing equipment and plans the order anticipating the lease expirations. By the end of 2023, the fleet will expand to 70 aircraft, 79 in 2024, and 90 by 2025.

Without placing the order, the fleet would be halved to 51 aircraft by 2033 compared to 2013, jeopardizing the revenue needed for debt repayment to creditors. The total fleet after introducing all 45 aircraft will stand at 96, still below the 2013 level. Considering the current financial situation and projected liquidity, an appropriate financing strategy will be pursued.

Thai Airways, Boeing, and GE Aerospace will announce the order details, including aircraft models and engine specifications, at the Singapore Air Show held from February 20 to 25.

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