China Eastern Airlines to Increase Flights on the Nagoya/Chubu to Shanghai/Pudong Route Starting February 26

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines will increase the frequency of flights on the Nagoya/Chubu to Shanghai/Pudong route to 11 round trips per week starting February 26.

Currently, the airline operates 10 round trips per week, with two round trips on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and one round trip on other days. The increase will be on Mondays for flight MU720/719, which will be operated by an Airbus A320 equipped with 8 business class seats and 148 economy class seats, for a total of 156 seats.

This route resumed operations with two round trips per week from May 18, 2023, after a hiatus of approximately three years and three months. It was increased to five round trips per week from August 1, to one round trip per day from August 18, and to 10 round trips per week from October 5.

MU530 Nagoya/Chubu (13:35) to Shanghai/Pudong (15:50) / Tue & Sun
MU530 Nagoya/Chubu (13:35) to Shanghai/Pudong (15:55) / Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat
MU530 Nagoya/Chubu (13:35) to Shanghai/Pudong (16:00) / Thu
MU720 Nagoya/Chubu (17:00) to Shanghai/Pudong (18:55) / Mon, Thu, Sat & Sun
MU719 Shanghai/Pudong (11:55) to Nagoya/Chubu (16:00) / Mon, Thu, Sat & Sun
MU529 Shanghai/Pudong (09:30) to Nagoya/Chubu (12:35) / Daily

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