AIRDO Launches Best Price Rent-a-Car Comparison and Reservation Service

AIRDO, in collaboration with Flash Edge, has launched a car rental comparison and reservation service called “Best Price rentacar.”

By accessing through AIRDO’s website and entering the pickup location and date, customers can compare plans from 15 car rental companies. AIRDO flight users can get even more discounts by entering their reservation number.

At the launch of the service, it supports 15 companies including Toyota Rent a Car, Honda Rent a Car, Sky Rent a Car, Nissan Rent a Car, Honda Rent Lease Hokkaido, ABC Rent a Car, ORIX Rent a Car, Family Rent a Car, Sweet Rent a Car, Budget Rent a Car, Niko Niko Rent a Car, Amami Rent a Car, JNet Rent a Car, Sky Rent a Car Hokkaido, and Miyakojima Airport Minivan Rent a Car.

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