Star Flyer to Operate ‘Touken Ranbu Stage Play Jet’ from April 8

Touken Ranbu Stage Play Jet

Star Flyer will operate a special design aircraft, ‘Touken Ranbu Stage Play Jet’ (Airbus A320, aircraft registration: JA24MC), starting from April 8 to commemorate the performance of the stage play ‘Touken Ranbu: Shindan Tusketai Kitan Running Horse Lantern’.

This marks the first time an aircraft is wrapped with a 2.5 dimensional stage play based on an anime, manga, or game, namely the stage play ‘Touken Ranbu’. The interior will feature a special announcement video and serve drinks in original design paper cups. The operation period is until September 30.

There will also be a sale of novelty-incorporated tours and events where one can closely view the specially designed aircraft alongside the Touken Ranbu swordsmen characters.

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