Up to 150,000 Miles for New ANA Amex Cardholders

American Express is offering a sign-up bonus for three types of ANA co-branded cards until March 13th.

With the “ANA American Express Card”, new members receive 1,000 miles upon enrollment, 2,000 points for spending 150,000 yen within three months of membership, 10,000 points for spending 450,000 yen, and another 10,000 points for spending 700,000 yen, totaling 30,000 miles.

For the “ANA American Express Gold Card”, new members receive 2,000 miles upon enrollment, 15,000 points for spending 450,000 yen within three months, 33,000 points for spending 1.2 million yen, and 35,000 points for spending 1.5 million yen, totaling 100,000 miles.

The “ANA American Express Premium Card” grants new members 10,000 miles upon enrollment, 20,000 points for spending 500,000 yen within three months, 40,000 points for spending 1.5 million yen, and 50,000 points for spending 3 million yen, totaling 150,000 miles.

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