U.S. Department of Transportation Finally Approves American Airlines’ New Tokyo/Haneda to New York Route

American Airlines

The U.S. Department of Transportation has finally approved the establishment of the American Airlines Tokyo/Haneda to New York/John F. Kennedy route.

American Airlines had proposed to start operating the route within 90 days of the planned March 31 start date. Any slots not used within the 90 days will have to be returned.

The operation schedule will be to depart from Tokyo/Haneda in the afternoon to evening, and from New York/John F. Kennedy in the morning. This schedule, in combination with Japan Airlines’ (JAL) schedule of departing from Tokyo/Haneda during the day and night, and from New York/John F. Kennedy late at night and during the day, will provide a variety of options. Both will use Terminal 8 at New York/John F. Kennedy. It plans to operate one round-trip per day using the Boeing 777-200ER.

The Tokyo/Haneda routes will include two daily round-trips to Los Angeles and one daily round-trip to Dallas/Fort Worth, totaling four routes. This complements the two daily round-trips operated by Japan Airlines (JAL) as part of their joint venture.

Tokyo/Haneda (15:05) to New York/John F. Kennedy (15:10)
New York/John F. Kennedy (10:00) to Tokyo/Haneda (13:05)

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