Kagoshima City Distributes ‘Bounty of Magma: Kagoshima City Lodging Enjoyment Coupons’ with 3,000 Yen Premium

Kagoshima City in Kagoshima Prefecture is selling ‘Bounty of Magma: Kagoshima City Lodging Enjoyment Coupons’ from February 7.

The selling price is 2,000 yen per booklet, allowing for 5,000 yen worth of use. The maximum number of booklets that can be purchased is generally up to 2 per person per night and up to 5 per person per facility. The sales format is exclusively electronic coupons. The sales period is divided into five phases, with the first phase selling until March 7. Coupons purchased in each phase can only be used within that period.

Purchases can be made from the special website, and registration of the lodging facility is required at the time of purchase. Changes and refunds are not accepted. Accommodation reservations must be processed by the purchasers themselves, and they must select the ‘pay on-site plan’.

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