Acure vending machines now support purchases with JRE POINT

Acure vending machine

JR East Cross Station has begun the phased introduction of a service that allows the use of JRE POINT for purchases at Acure vending machines located primarily within station premises, starting February 15.

Vending machines equipped with the new payment terminal, model VM-30, displaying the JRE POINT logo on their screens are eligible. After selecting a product, users can choose the JRE POINT logo on the payment terminal’s screen, and then make a purchase by touching the Suica registered on the JRE POINT website to the terminal.

To celebrate the launch, a “Full JRE POINT Rebate Campaign” will be held from March 1 to April 21. Patrons who purchase drink products using JRE POINT will be entered into a drawing where 2,000 winners will receive a full rebate of their JRE POINTs.

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