Toyama Prefecture Implements the ‘Toyama Support Campaign’ as Part of the Hokuriku Support Discount

Hokuriku Support Discount

Toyama Prefecture will carry out the Hokuriku Support Discount ‘Toyama Support Campaign’ for stays from March 16 to April 26.

The discount rate is equivalent to 50% of the trip cost. The maximum discount for individual stays and travel with transport is 20,000 yen, for stays of two or more nights with transport, the limit is 30,000 yen, and for multi-prefecture touring travel, it is 35,000 yen.

The reservation acceptance start date is March 8, and reservations made before this date will not be eligible. The campaign is targeted at domestic travelers and visitors to Japan, excluding trips and accommodations for business purposes. Reservations can be made at registered accommodations and travel agencies participating in the campaign.

In addition, the ‘Toyama Support Coupon’ will be distributed from February 20 to April 27, providing electronic coupons of local currency ‘ToyaMoney’ to those who stay at eligible accommodations. For expenses of 10,000 yen per person, coupons worth 3,000 yen will be issued, and after the start of the ‘Toyama Support Campaign’, for expenses of 5,000 yen per person, coupons worth 1,000 yen will be distributed.

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