Yokohama City to Renew the ‘Minato Burari Ticket’ Day Pass from April 1

Minato Burari Ticket

Yokohama City will renew its ‘Minato Burari Ticket’, a one-day pass for the municipal bus and subway in the Yokohama Bay Area, starting from April 1.

In the renewal, areas including the municipal bus routes from Yokohama to Motomachi・Minato no Mieru Oka Park, Sankeien Garden, Kannai・Isezakicho to Yokohama Bridge・Nakamura Bridge, and Takigashira, as well as the municipal subway Blue Line from Yokohama Station to Higashi-Hondabashi Station & Yoshinocho Station, will be newly added. Furthermore, it will be possible to ride on Kanachu buses within the applicable area and on the No. 11 route (from Sakuragicho Station to Nakamura Bridge).

The fee is 700 yen for adults and 350 yen for children, and the ‘Minato Burari Ticket Wide’, which allows getting on and off at the municipal subway Blue Line Shin-Yokohama Station, is priced at 750 yen for adults and 380 yen for children. These tickets are sold at the municipal subway office, YCAT, and the Sakuragicho Station Tourist Information Office, among other places.

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