British Airways Implements Predictive Automated Maintenance Reporting System

British Airways has introduced a predictive automated maintenance reporting system.

Based on real-time data from all 270 aircraft, this system can instantly detect potential problems and predict aircraft maintenance, helping to reduce delays and save over 900,000 sheets of paper annually.

Previously, due to regulatory requirements, documentation was paper-based, and pilots and cabin crew had to record any issues in writing. These documents were then transcribed and sent to the maintenance team for necessary work and further updates to the maintenance log. Now, all aircraft are equipped with iPads, allowing pilots and cabin crew to record issues, which are sent to the maintenance team within seconds. Engineers can order the necessary parts in advance, resolving issues more quickly and reducing downtime.

This is part of a £7 billion investment over the next two years to deploy the latest technology for work reforms and customer satisfaction improvements. It includes cutting-edge machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance everything from reservations to baggage handling, contributing to the reduction of cancellations and delays.

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