Hankyu Kyoto Line to Introduce Reserved Seating Service in July for 500 Yen per Use

Hankyu Corporation will introduce a new reserved seating service, “PRiVACE”, on the Kyoto line starting in July.

The seating arrangement will be in a “2-1” configuration, offering wider seating and more legroom compared to standard carriages. The seats will feature reclining mechanisms, foldable tables, drink holders, hooks for bags, magazine racks, reading lights, and power outlets, and will provide free Wi-Fi service. To emphasize privacy, the seats will have headrest partitions and partitions between pairs of seats.

The deck area will feature woodgrain material on the lower part of the wall and floor, and marble-like material on the upper part of the wall, illuminated with downlights to give a sense of quality. An attendant dedicated to guiding passengers to their seats will be onboard. The passenger area will be carpeted and include a large luggage corner for items such as suitcases. The exterior will be accented with gold lines, and the doors will have stained glass-inspired designs framed with gold lines for an added touch of exclusivity.

The fee will be 500 yen per use, regardless of distance. Reservations must be made online, and a points service is also being considered.

New 2300 series cars on the Kyoto line and some of the current 9300 series trains will have these reserved seats installed in the fourth car from the Osaka end. Initially, 2-3 trains per hour will offer this service, with plans to increase to 4-6 trains per hour by around 2025.

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