Flight Cancellations and Reduced Services in Papua New Guinea Due to Aviation Fuel Supply Restrictions

Puma Energy

Puma Energy, responsible for the supply of aviation fuel in Papua New Guinea, has limited fuel distribution to aircraft, resulting in flight cancellations and reduced services.

According to the local newspaper Island Business, the action was taken due to a shortage of foreign currency needed for importing oil. The National Court of Papua New Guinea had ordered Puma Energy to continue the supply of aviation fuel until February 27th.

Puma Energy reported on February 25th that it had secured the necessary fuel for Air Niugini to continue operations, with an outlook to resume fuel supply by the end of this weekend. It stated that supply could become limited if stock depletes faster than anticipated. The Papua New Guinean government was urged to establish a task force to minimize the impact on the community and economy.

Air Niugini is striving to maintain operations by utilizing fuel available at airports outside of Port Moresby.

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