Peach Aviation Sets ‘Round-Trip Bullet Fare’ for 12 Domestic Routes Starting at 6,600 Yen

Peach Aviation (Airbus A320, JA813P)

Peach Aviation has announced a new day trip fare called the ‘domestic round-trip bullet fare’ for a selection of 12 domestic routes.

The routes include flights from Tokyo/Narita, Nagoya/Chubu, Osaka/Kansai, and Fukuoka, covering a total of 12 routes. The fare is available from April 9th to June 27th, on Tuesdays to Thursdays. Tickets can be purchased from February 22nd at 11:00 AM until June 25th.

The available time on location and the round-trip fares for each route are as follows. Please note that additional fees for payment handling, airport facility use, and seat assignment, among others, are required separately. This offer is only available if there are seats at the designated fare for both legs of the journey. Changes can only be made through the contact center and reservations can be made up to two days before the flight.

– From Tokyo/Narita:
Osaka/Kansai (8 hours – 7,200 Yen), Sapporo/Chitose (11 hours 55 minutes – 7,500 Yen), Fukuoka (10 hours 50 minutes – 9,400 Yen), Okinawa/Naha (7 hours 50 minutes – 10,500 Yen)

– From Osaka/Kansai:
Fukuoka (12 hours 45 minutes – 6,600 Yen), Okinawa/Naha (11 hours 30 minutes – 9,900 Yen), Sapporo/Chitose (10 hours 10 minutes – 10,000 Yen)

– From Nagoya/Chubu:
Sapporo/Chitose (10 hours 10 minutes – 9,000 Yen), Okinawa/Naha (7 hours 50 minutes – 9,900 Yen)

– From Fukuoka:
Osaka/Kansai (9 hours 55 minutes – 6,600 Yen), Okinawa/Naha (8 hours 45 minutes – 6,600 Yen), Tokyo/Narita (9 hours 25 minutes – 9,400 Yen)

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