JTB Publishing Releases ‘Enjoy Airport Walks with Rurubu Goshoin’ with Full Support from JAL

JTB Publishing will release ‘Enjoy Airport Walks with Rurubu Goshoin’, fully supported by Japan Airlines (JAL), on March 5th.

This book introduces the ‘Goshoin’, known as the “sky’s seal”, and 55 domestic airports. It features explanations about the airport name written in ink in the center, the red seal inspired by the airport name, illustrations of aircraft that form the background, and stories about the creation and the thoughts behind them from those involved in the production. Additionally, it includes information on local cuisine available inside the airports, popular souvenirs, and observation decks for plane watching, all aimed at enhancing the airport stay experience.

The ‘Goshoin’ was co-created by JAL and JTB, launched in September 2022 at 11 airports. By September 2023, it has been expanded to JAL Group’s 55 airports where it operates.

The book is in a modified B5 size and is priced at 1,485 yen (tax included).

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