Iceland: Possible Eruption in the Blue Lagoon Area Within Days

Icelandic Meteorological Office

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has warned that an eruption could occur within days in the vicinity of the Svartsengi area in southwestern Iceland.

The eruption is likely to occur at either the Stóra-Skófeyttur mountain or the Háafeyttur mountain, which are located approximately 2 kilometers away from the popular tourist destination, the Blue Lagoon. The magma activity has already reached the same level as the last eruption, leading to predictions of a high possibility of an eruption in the area within the next few days. The previous eruption occurred 30 minutes after the evacuation warning was issued.

The Embassy of Japan in Iceland advises that, due to the possibility of an eruption occurring within as little as 30 minutes after a warning, visits should be carefully considered and decided upon. Furthermore, those choosing to visit are urged to share their visit date and contact information with family, acquaintances, or their travel agency.

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