Hiroshima Electric Railway Decides on Policy for Transport IC Cards After PASPY Service Ends

Hiroshima Electric Railway Website

Hiroshima Electric Railway has decided on a policy for the adoption of transport IC cards after the end of the PASPY service, which is currently used in most buses and trams within Hiroshima Prefecture.

PASPY is scheduled to terminate its services by March 2025 despite implementing a nationwide mutual use service for transport IC cards. After its termination, a simplified IC terminal for using transport IC cards capable of nationwide mutual use will be introduced on all lines of Hiroshima Electric Railway trains and all lines of buses except the Hiroshima-Matsue and Yonago express bus lines, Geibi Bus all lines, Higashi-Hiroshima City Express Bus lines to/from Hiroshima, and Takata South Line. The service is planned to start at the end of March.

From September, there are plans to introduce a new ticketing service ‘MOBIRY DAYS’ that allows passengers to board with a QR code displayed on the smartphone or a dedicated IC card.

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