ANA Reduces Fuel Surcharge for Tickets Issued from April Onward

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Air Japan will lower the special fuel surcharge (fuel surcharge) for international flights for tickets issued from April onward.

The fuel surcharge is collected based on the amount converted into yen from the average market price of Singapore kerosene over two months, and the average exchange rate over two months.

For one-way trips originating from Japan, excluding Hawaii, the surcharge will be 34,000 yen for routes to Europe, Middle East, and Oceania, 21,000 yen for routes to Hawaii, India, and Indonesia, 18,000 yen for routes to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia, 11,000 yen for routes to Vietnam, Guam, and the Philippines, 10,000 yen for routes to East Asia excluding Korea, and 3,500 yen for routes to Korea and Russia (Vladivostok).

When purchasing in the UK, the surcharge will be in Pounds, in Euros when purchased in Europe (excluding the UK), and in USD when purchased in other countries. Separate settings are applied for itineraries departing from specific countries.

■Fuel surcharge amount (April-May 2024 / One-way from Japan)
Korea & Russia (Vladivostok) 3,500 yen
East Asia excluding Korea 10,000 yen
Vietnam, Guam & Philippines 11,000 yen
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar & Cambodia 18,000 yen
Hawaii, India & Indonesia 21,000 yen
North America, Europe, Middle East & Oceania excluding Hawaii 33,000 yen

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