AIRDO and Solaseed Air Support Examinees’ Wishes at Haneda with Handmade Ema Offerings at Anamori Inari Shrine

AIRDO and Solaseed Air held a “Wish Fulfillment Event” at Haneda Airport to support the wishes of its passengers. The event was planned by the ground staff of both companies working at the airport, and about 700 ema (wooden wishing plaques) written with passengers’ wishes were dedicated to the nearby Anamori Inari Shrine.

This joint wish fulfillment event by the two companies is the second, following one in February 2023. From February 1 to 29, a Torii-shaped board and ema were set up in front of both companies’ counters to collect wishes. The ema were handmade by the ground staff of both companies, using thick paper in colors that reflect their corporate colors like light blue, yellow, and yellow-green. Initially, about 150 ema were prepared by each company, but the number was more than doubled on short notice due to the large number of wishes received from examinees and visitors to Japan.

▲Solaseed Air’s Kanaha Futami (left) and AIRDO’s Raku Yano during the ema dedication

The dedication to Anamori Inari Shrine took place on March 5, with Kanaha Futami from Solaseed Air and Raku Yano from AIRDO participating. They dedicated ema written with wishes like “May I pass my university entrance exams” and “May I become a cabin crew member”. Ms. Futami said, “We dedicated the ema hoping that the customers’ wishes would come true. I would be happy if writing on the ema becomes one of the memories of their trip.”

On October 3, 2022, AIRDO and Solaseed Air established a joint holding company named “Regional Plus Wings” aiming for an early recovery from the downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They aim to strengthen their management system by standardizing operations and procedures, joint procurement, and collaborative measures to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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