Ikyu Hosting ‘Selected 10days’ Event Until March 14

Selected 10days_2403

Ikyu is currently holding the time sale ‘Selected 10days’ on its accommodation booking site, ‘Ikyu.com’, from noon on March 4th until noon on March 14th.

Examples of designated hotels and their starting room rates include The Okura Tokyo (room only for 2 people) from 69,895 yen, Shinagawa Prince Hotel (room only for 2 people) from 16,394 yen, ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Chitose (room only for 2 people) from 11,160 yen, Nagoya Kanko Hotel (bed and breakfast for 2 people) from 35,112 yen, etc.

All prices include tax, and the listed prices are after the immediate use of awarded points. The participating facilities are located all over Japan.

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