FDA’s Green No. 4 Retires – The Only Second-Hand Aircraft Served Across Japan for 13.5 Years

Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) retired its Green No. 4 aircraft (Embraer 170, registration: JA04FJ) on March 9th. Introduced in October 2010, it was the company’s only second-hand aircraft and the first to be retired.

The aircraft was the fourth to be introduced following the Dream Red No. 1 (Embraer 170, registration: JA01FJ) owned since the airline’s inception on July 23, 2009, the Light Blue No. 2 (Embraer 170, registration: JA02FJ), and the Pink No. 3 (Embraer 175, registration: JA03FJ) which started service on January 28, 2010.

Manufactured in 2006, the aircraft previously operated with airlines such as Republic Airways. It was selected as a quick addition to the fleet in 2010 to take over the Matsumoto-Sapporo/Chitose and Fukuoka routes after Japan Airlines (JAL) withdrew. Each FDA aircraft boasts a unique livery, and the green color was chosen through an internet public vote.

The aircraft underwent inspection and refurbishment in Columbus, Ohio, and painting in Greenville, Mississippi, before arriving at Shizuoka Airport on October 12, 2010, via Port Columbus Airport, St. Johns, Ponta Delgada, Almeria, Larnaca, Dubai, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, and Macau. It was put into service on October 17, 2010, with its first flight being from Shizuoka to Kumamoto, FDA111.

In 2011, following the Great East Japan Earthquake, it served as a special flight transporting relief supplies between Shizuoka Airport and Hanamaki Airport. On July 15, 2011, it became the Tourism Ambassador for the city of Matsumoto and was utilized for tourism promotion until October 2016, when its role was taken over by the 11th aircraft (Embraer 175, registration: JA11FJ) adorned in the same green color.

On its last day of operation, March 9th, it served six flights: FDA200 from Fukuoka to Matsumoto, FDA233 from Matsumoto to Kobe, FDA833 from Kobe to Aomori, FDA364 from Aomori to Nagoya/Komaki, FDA417 from Nagoya/Komaki to Izumo, and FDA418 from Izumo to Nagoya/Komaki.

The last flight, FDA418, carried 77 passengers (including one infant) to full capacity, departing Izumo Airport at 6:44 p.m. and arriving at Komaki Airport at 7:41 p.m. FDA employees and aviation fans holding green penlights greeted the aircraft on the observation deck. FDA’s President Junichi Kususe, displaying a banner reading “Thank you for 13 years,” praised the aircraft for its service, noting it had completed approximately 28,000 takeoffs and landings without major incidents, accumulating around 30,000 flying hours.

FDA announced that No. 4 will remain at Komaki Airport to be utilized for parts and plans to develop products upcycled from parts of the aircraft.

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