China Eastern Airlines Group Reports 16.5 Million Passengers During Spring Festival Period

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines and its group companies announced that approximately 16.5 million passengers utilized their services during the Spring Festival period.

Over the course of about 40 days, including its subsidiaries Shanghai Airlines and China United Airlines, the group operated 106,800 flights, with an average seat occupancy rate exceeding 82%. On average, 410,000 people used their services daily. The peak occurred from February 14 to 16, with daily usage reaching 480,000 people.

Of these, China Eastern Airlines, based at Shanghai’s two airports, operated over 44,000 flights, serving 6.85 million people, including 530,000 transfer passengers.

This year’s Spring Festival saw a resurgence in international travel, with destinations in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as Italy, becoming popular due to visa-free travel.

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