Ikyu Launches ‘Hokuriku Support Discount’ Starting Noon, March 14

Ikyu will start selling the ‘Hokuriku Support Discount’ on their accommodation booking site, ‘Ikyu.com,’ starting from noon on March 14.

The sale targets accommodations in Ishikawa Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, and Toyama Prefecture. Fukui Prefecture is not included in this campaign.

The ‘Hokuriku Support Discount’ is a travel support initiative targeted at Fukui Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, and Niigata Prefecture, which were affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. Subsidies will be provided for stays from March 16 to April 26 (with checkout the following day). The discount rate is equivalent to 50% of the travel expenses. The maximum discount is 20,000 yen for standalone accommodations and accommodations with transport, 30,000 yen for stays of two or more nights with transport, and 35,000 yen for circuit-type trips staying in two or more prefectures. The campaign is aimed at domestic travelers and inbound tourists, excluding business travel and accommodations, as well as reservations made before the campaign start.

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