Japan Tourism Agency to Take Administrative Actions against Tobu Top Tours and Orion Tour

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan Tourism Agency

The Japan Tourism Agency announced on March 15 that it will conduct hearings before imposing administrative actions on Caravan Tour, Tobu Top Tours, and Orion Tour pursuant to Article 65, Paragraph 1 of the Travel Agency Law.

The violations involve the operation outside the bus operators’ licensed territories and arranging bus fares lower than the minimum required fares, which are in breach of the Travel Agency Law. A business suspension order under Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Travel Agency Law is planned.

The administrative actions are expected to issue a 14-day business suspension order for Caravan Tour’s Tokyo branch and Orion Tour’s head office sales department, and a 9-day business suspension order for Tobu Top Tours’ Hiroshima branch.

The hearing will be held on March 21 at the Tourism Agency’s conference room A on the 15th floor of the Central Joint Government Building No. 2.

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