JR Shikoku and Partners Launch ‘Shikoku Migishita 55 Free Pass’ for 5,800 Yen for Adults

Shikoku Migishita 55 Free Pass

JR Shikoku, along with the Asa Coast Railway, Tosa Kuroshio Railway, and Kochi Eastern Transport, is launching the ‘Shikoku Migishita 55 Free Pass’.

This pass allows unlimited travel along the National Route 55 corridor in the Tokushima, Muroto, and Kochi area. In the free section of the JR line between Tokushima and Awa-Kainan stations, as well as from Gomen to Kochi station, passengers can get on and off ordinary cars of regular trains freely. For the Asa Coast Railway, from Kouda to Road Station Kusuri Hot Spring station segment, passengers can freely board the DMV’s ordinary cars. However, the Muroto service operating on weekends and holidays is not available. For the Tosa Kuroshio Railway from Nahari to Gomen station segment, passengers can freely get on and off the regular and rapid trains’ ordinary cars. Additionally, in the Kochi Eastern Transport’s free section from Kouda Pier to Aki Operations Office, passengers can freely hop on and off the route buses.

The pass is valid for three days and is priced at 5,800 yen for adults and 2,900 yen for children. It can be used from April 1st, 2024, to March 31st, 2025. The pass is available at Asa Coast Railway Kusuri Station, JR Shikoku stations’ Midori no Madoguchi, Midori no Ticket Machine Plus, Kochi station’s designated ticket machine, JR Shikoku Tour Branch offices & Warp Branches, Station Warp Plaza, major travel agencies in Shikoku, and JR Shikoku Tour WEB.

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