Discounts Offered for Jōetsu Shinkansen Tickets from Niigata Area Exchanged Using JRE POINT – Tokyo to GALA Yuzawa from 4,000 Points

Jōetsu Shinkansen

JR East is offering discounted exchange points for the “Shinkansen e-ticket (JRE POINT special)” on the Jōetsu Shinkansen originating or terminating in the Niigata area.

As an example, the exchange points for Takasaki to Echigo-Yuzawa station are 2,000 points (normally 2,160 points), Tokyo to Echigo-Yuzawa station are 3,000 points (from 4,260 points), and Tokyo to GALA Yuzawa/Niigata station are 4,000 points (from 7,940 points).

The usage period is from April 6th to 25th, and exchanges can be made from one month before the departure date at 10 am until 4 minutes before departure. Only ordinary reserved seats on “Toki” and “Tanigawa” trains are eligible.

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