ANA Catering Service Launches Second Edition of ‘Aogumi’ Series: ‘Aogumi Night Flight’

Aogumi Night Flight packaging

ANA Catering Service has released the second edition in their ‘Aogumi (Blue Gummy)’ series, titled ‘Aogumi Night Flight’, on March 20th.

The series features two types of gummies: heart-shaped gummies with a fluffy texture and grape flavor, and lemon-flavored gummies with a chewy texture; and airplane-shaped gummies with a hard texture and Triton blue Hawaii flavor.

Available for purchase at ANA Shopping A-style, ANA Mall, and the ANA official gift shop on Rakuten Market. The prices are 3,500 yen for 10 bags and 6,500 yen for 20 bags, including tax.

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