Torikizoku Ventures into Hong Kong and Taiwan

Torikizoku Holdings is expanding into Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In Hong Kong, it has signed a franchise contract with Shisu Group, and in Taiwan, it has established a joint venture with Duocheng Industrial. It has also established a subsidiary in the United States to prepare for the opening of directly-managed stores, actively seeking partners in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Shisu Group, operating in Hong Kong, is involved in food manufacturing and sales, with a track record of collaboration with Japanese companies. The parent company of Duocheng Industrial, Daicheng Chengcheng Enterprise, is the leader in Taiwan’s broiler and egg markets.

As of the end of January, Torikizoku Holdings operates 1,138 stores in Japan. ‘Torikizoku,’ which accounts for 60% of its outlets, is a yakitori chain where all items are priced uniformly at 328 yen. The chain uses domestically produced chicken and has been using 100% domestic ingredients since October 2016.

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