Bandai Releases ‘JR Timetable’ as Miniature Books for Gachapon Sales

Bandai JR Timetable Miniature Book

Bandai is set to release a series of miniature books titled ‘Mame Gacha Book JR Timetable’ through its Gachapon vending machines, miniaturizing the ‘JR Timetable’ published by Kotsu Shimbunsha.

The release commemorates the 60th anniversary of the timetable’s first issue, turning the ‘JR Timetable’ into approximately 5 cm-size miniatures. The editions feature original compilation versions of the timetables, including route maps and schedules, spanning 106 pages in volume. The series consists of four types: the ‘April 1987 issue’ from the time of JR Group’s inception, previously JNR (Japan National Railways); the special ‘April 2013 issue’ commemorating the 600th issue; the ‘October 2022 issue’ celebrating 150 years since the railway opening between Shinbashi and Yokohama; and the ‘May 2023 issue’ marking the 60th anniversary of the timetable’s publication.

Priced at 500 yen per try, these miniature books will be available at Gachapon Bandai official shops, toy sections, general merchandise stores, and electronics stores nationwide through Bandai’s Gachapon vending machine series.

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