Up to 20% Cashback with Rakuten Pay in Oita Prefecture for Users of Rakuten Travel and Rakuten Check

Oita Prefecture, Rakuten Group, and Rakuten Payment are implementing the “Relaxed Oita Enjoyment Campaign with Up to 20% Cashback from Rakuten Pay”, from April 1 to June 30.

This initiative utilizes the cashless payment service “Rakuten Pay” app, the store attraction service “Rakuten Check”, and the travel reservation service “Rakuten Travel”, all part of the local government package plan “Rakuten Accommodation and Local Consumption Promotion Package”. The “Rakuten Accommodation and Local Consumption Promotion Package” is designed not only to attract visitors to municipalities and promote local spending but also to analyze tourism spending and high-value customers through data analysis.

Individuals who make a reservation and stay at eligible accommodation facilities in Oita Prefecture using Rakuten Travel and meet the conditions, or who achieve check-ins at three or more eligible spots with Rakuten Check, will be awarded up to 20% of their payment amount back in “Rakuten Points” when they pay with the Rakuten Pay app at eligible stores. The maximum return is 5,000 points during the period.

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