Henn na Hotel Komatsu Ekimae Releases New ‘Shinkansen Room’

Henn na Hotel Komatsu Ekimae Shinkansen Collaboration

Henn na Hotel Komatsu Ekimae is selling its “Shinkansen Room,” in commemoration of the Hokuriku Shinkansen extension, starting March 14.

The room is decorated with Shinkansen-themed walls, beds, and curtains, and is equipped with toys and books. A Shinkansen face panel is also installed. On the TV, guests can play “Densha de GO! PLUG & PLAY 2 Sanyo Shinkansen edition EX.” Additionally, a bath additive with Shinkansen toys is provided as a gift.

The price per person, for a two-person room with no meals, starts from 11,000 yen including tax, when applying the Hokuriku Support Discount.

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