Ryobi Holdings Launches ‘Mamakari Liner 2nd’ Bus Service from Kurashiki/Okayama to Tokyo Station, Ueno, and Tokyo Disney Resort

Ryobi Holdings

Ryobi Holdings will begin operating a high-speed bus service, the ‘Mamakari Liner 2nd’, connecting Kurashiki/Okayama with Tokyo Station, Ueno, and the Tokyo Disney Resort from March 30.

This service revives the ‘Mamakari Liner’, connecting Kurashiki/Okayama with Tokyo, which had been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a change from four-seater to three-seater vehicles.

The one-way fare for adults starts from 6,000 yen. From March 30 to April 4, it is set at a flat rate of 6,000 yen. Reservations have been accepted starting from March 15.

■ Timetable
Kurashiki Station North Exit (21:10)〜Okayama Station West Exit (21:50)〜Okayama Interchange (22:05)〜Sanyo Interchange (22:23)〜Tokyo Station Yaesu Street (07:10+1)〜In front of Ueno Station (07:25+1)〜Tokyo Disneyland Bus Terminal West (08:10+1)
Tokyo Disneyland Bus Terminal West (20:50)〜In front of Ueno Station (21:45)〜Tokyo Station Yaesu Street (22:10)〜Sanyo Interchange (06:40+1)〜Okayama Interchange (06:58+1)〜Okayama Station West Exit (07:13+1)〜Kurashiki Station North Exit (08:00+1)

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