ANA Sets ‘Container Value’ Daytime Cargo Fare: Haneda to Itami from 15,000 Yen

NH/ANA Boeing 777-300 JA753A

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will introduce a new ‘Container Value Fare’ exclusively for daytime flights on domestic routes starting from the flights on April 1.

This fare utilizes the available cargo space in the aircraft’s belly during the daytime, and is available for medium to large sized aircraft that operate steadily on routes from Tokyo/Haneda to Sapporo/New Chitose, Osaka/Itami, and Fukuoka, for flights departing between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

The fare is set per container, using the widely adopted ‘Standard Pallet’ dimensioned LD3 containers for transport. This exclusive use of LD3 containers prevents mixed loading with other cargoes, thus reducing the risks of damage or loss during transport.

Much of air cargo is handled, packed, and collected during the day and shipped on flights during the night or early morning. Hence, the capacity utilization of cargo space on daytime passenger flights remains at about 20% by weight. Utilizing this available space effectively could allow for an additional shipment of approximately 1 million tons of cargo annually.

The one-way fare for Tokyo/Haneda to Sapporo/New Chitose, Fukuoka routes is 20,000 yen, while for the Tokyo/Haneda to Osaka/Itami route it is 15,000 yen, targeting companies and individuals using general cargo fares.

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