ANA Airline School Launches New ‘Ground Staff Course’

ANA Business Solution has established a new ‘Ground Staff Course’ at ANA Airline School.

The course will cover ANA’s strong commitment to ‘safety’, the ‘spirit of hospitality’ and ‘team spirit’ that ANA has cultivated, the role and ways of working of ground staff, and the importance of communication and service-mindedness in dealing with customers of airport passenger services, including practical airport work experience.

The course in May will be held at the Tokyo school, with a capacity of 24 students. It targets students over 18 years of age who are preparing for job hunting. The price is set at 190,300 yen as a promotional price, down from the regular price of 220,000 yen. After September, courses are planned to open in Tokyo and Osaka, and in 2025, short courses will be set up at five regional airports.

At ANA Airline School, active ANA Group employees serve as instructors. In addition to this, there are other courses available such as ‘Cabin Attendant Course’, TOEIC preparation, and interview preparation.

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