Tigerair Taiwan Appoints Actress Rio Uchida as Ambassador

Tigerair Taiwan has appointed actress Rio Uchida as its ambassador. The airline announced her appointment at a press conference held in Tokyo.

At the press conference, in addition to Uchida, there was a talk session featuring the comedy trio Panther and Taiwanese model Yoshiaki as guests, a tasting of in-flight meals, a quiz contest, and an appearance by berry meet, who composed the commercial song, sharing the story behind its creation and energizing the venue.

Uchida appeared in an outfit featuring a tiger pattern that remade the scarf worn by cabin attendants, which she also wore during the commercial shooting. Tigerair Taiwan’s President, Mr. Zhang Mingwei, explained that her appointment was due to her refreshing and passionate image, her popularity among a wide age range, and her love for Taiwan, having traveled there multiple times. A giant ambassador business card was presented to her, celebrating her appointment.

The in-flight meal includes a Taiwanese sandwich and tea from Hong Ray Zen, established in 1947, which were sampled. Uchida praised the meal saying, “I was featured in the commercial, and they told me just to take one bite, but it was so delicious that I ate it all.” During the quiz contest, Uchida, who ranked top, along with everyone else, was specially gifted airline tickets. Takahiro Ogata of Panther, who came in last, performed a penalty game where he screamed “Thank You” in Taiwanese.

Tigerair Taiwan, which started operations in 2014, currently operates 24 routes to 19 cities in Japan. Chairman Chen Hanming stated, “As we approach the 10th anniversary of Tigerair Taiwan, we are announcing our most important project for the Japanese market. We operate flights from 19 cities in Japan to Taipei and Kaohsiung. To serve Japanese passengers, we have many cabin attendants and staff who speak Japanese. We look forward to welcoming you on board,” he appealed in Japanese.

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