ANA’s Demon Slayer Jet ‘Version 2’ Retires, Final Flight from Haneda Seen Off by ‘Version 3’

ANA has ended the operation of its Boeing 767-300ER, titled ‘Demon Slayer Jet – Version 2’ (Aircraft registration: JA608A), a special design in collaboration with the TV anime ‘Demon Slayer’, on March 25th.

The ‘Demon Slayer Jet – Version 2’ started its service on domestic routes on March 26, 2022. Characters from the anime such as Giyu Tomioka and Kyojuro Rengoku, among a total of nine characters, were depicted on both sides of the aircraft. The design covered an area of approximately 3 meters in height and 32 meters in width on each side, utilizing a total of 120 decals, 60 on each side.

The flight schedule was fixed 10 days before the end of operations, with one round trip each from Tokyo/Haneda to Miyazaki, Yonago, and Kagoshima from March 16th to 21st, and one round trip each to Yonago, Kochi, and Hakodate from March 22nd to 24th.

On the last day, March 25th, flights operated one round trip each from Tokyo/Haneda to Miyazaki, Yonago, and Kagoshima, similar to the period from March 16th to 21st. The final flight departing from Tokyo/Haneda to Kagoshima, NH627, was delayed by 52 minutes from its scheduled departure at 4:40 PM, taking off at 5:32 PM due to the delay of the previous flight. The ‘Demon Slayer Jet – Version 3’ (Boeing 777-200ER, aircraft registration: JA745A), arriving from Okinawa/Naha as NH470 at 5:37 PM, passed by ‘Version 2’ during pushback, creating a scene as if seeing off the last departure from Tokyo/Haneda.

The final flight from Kagoshima to Tokyo/Haneda, NH630, departed 1 hour and 9 minutes late from its scheduled time at 7:20 PM, taking off at 8:29 PM and arriving at Tokyo/Haneda at 10:03 PM.

In the collaboration with Demon Slayer, a total of six special design aircraft appeared. Apart from ‘Version 2’, the Boeing 767-300ER ‘Demon Slayer Jet – Version 1’ (Aircraft registration: JA616A) started operation on January 31, 2022, and ‘Version 3’ began on October 3 of the same year, while three Bombardier DHC8-Q400 airplanes titled ‘Demon Slayer Prop’ (Aircraft registrations: JA846A, JA844A, JA850A) started operating in succession from July 14, 2023.

Of these, ‘Version 1’ ended its operations on October 21, 2023, and ‘Version 3’ is scheduled to end operations on April 9. The ‘Prop’ series will continue to operate.

▲The final flight from Tokyo/Haneda by the ‘Demon Slayer Jet – Version 2’ NH627

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