APA Hotel Converts to Franchise, Operated by Takeshita Corporation from April

APA Hotel

APA Hotel is converting APA Hotel from a directly-managed hotel to a franchise.

From April 1st, it will be operated by Takeshita Corporation. This marks the first conversion to a franchise for the hotel chain, increasing the number of franchise hotels to 55, with a total of 7,880 rooms.

APA Hotel was originally opened as Hotel Green Do Yukuhashi. After acquiring the operating company, Hotel Green Do, it was rebranded in December 2006. The hotel has 74 rooms.

Takeshita Corporation is a group company of Takeshita Confectionery, known for its ice cream “Black Mont Blanc.” It became an APA Hotel franchisee in July 2018, rebranding and opening APA Hotel . In April 2022, it opened APA Hotel , operating two APA hotels in Kyushu.

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