Tokyo Joins JAL and ANA’s Initiative to Promote Domestic Sustainable Aviation Fuel – ‘Operation Fly on Oil’

Tokyo has joined the volunteer group ‘ACT FOR SKY’ established by Japan Airlines (JAL), All Nippon Airways (ANA), and others, aiming for the commercialization of domestically produced Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on March 24.

ACT FOR SKY is a framework where companies and organizations collaborate across industry barriers to aim for the commercialization and spread of domestic SAF. Initiated in March 2022 by JAL, ANA, JGC Holdings, and Revo International as the leading companies, the group conducts events to foster awareness and behavioral changes toward SAF, carbon neutrality, and resource recycling. Tokyo’s participation marks the first by a governmental body, becoming the 38th member organization.

The Japanese government has set a goal to replace 10% of aviation fuel with SAF by 2030. With SAF currently facing a global supply shortage, promoting domestic SAF production is considered crucial to achieving this goal.

According to JGC Holdings, approximately 500,000 tons of waste cooking oil, a raw material for SAF, is generated annually in Japan. About 400,000 tons come from ‘commercial’ sources such as restaurants, while the remaining 100,000 tons are from ‘household’ sources. While commercial waste oil is utilized as a feed or industrial material, most household waste oil is discarded, highlighting the need for public awareness and the establishment of a collection system.

Upon joining ACT FOR SKY, Tokyo announced the launch of a waste cooking oil collection campaign titled ‘Operation Fly on Oil’. The campaign will promote the collection of waste cooking oil at commercial facilities, large apartment complexes, and medical and welfare facilities, alongside PR activities at various events.

Yuriko Koike, the Governor of Tokyo, attending the press conference held in JAL’s hangar at Haneda Airport, emphasized, ‘It’s amazing that cooking oil used to fry tempura can power airplanes. I hope everyone becomes aware of this carbon-reducing effort and cooperates in collecting cooking oil.’

In developments concerning domestic SAF, Sapphire Sky Energy, established by JGC Holdings and others, is setting up production facilities at the Cosmo Oil Osaka Sakai Refinery in Sakai City, Osaka. Starting production and supply is planned for the second half of the fiscal year 2024, with an aim for large-scale production of 30,000 kiloliters annually in the future.

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