Japan Tourism Agency Orders Suspension of Operations for Companies Including Tobu Top Tours and Orion Tour, Up to 14 Days

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism & Japan Tourism Agency

The Japan Tourism Agency announced on March 15th that it will impose an administrative order to suspend operations based on Article 65, Section 1 of the Travel Business Law for Caravan Tour, Tobu Top Tours, and Orion Tour, effective March 25th.

Pursuant to Article 19, Section 1 of the Travel Business Law, a suspension order for a duration of 14 days for the Caravan Tour Tokyo branch and the Orion Tour head office, and 9 days for the Tobu Top Tours Hiroshima branch was issued. The suspension period begins on March 27th, with services related to contracts concluded before March 26th being exempt.

Violations of the Travel Business Law, including operating buses outside of the business area of bus operators and arranging bus services at fares lower than the minimum required, led to this measure. A hearing was conducted on March 21st.

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