S Points and Ponta Points Now Interchangeable

Loyalty Marketing and H2O Retailing have launched a service that allows the interchange of S Points and Ponta Points.

The service applies to Hankyu Department Store, Hanshin Department Store point cards, Izumiya point card “Hinatas”, Hankyu Oasis Members Card Club Ace, Persona STACIA Card (including those with PiTaPa, red face), and Persona STACIA American Express card issued by the H2O Group. The exchange rate is 1 S Point = 1 Ponta Point, and points can be interchanged in units of 100 points.

S Points can be accumulated and used at a variety of locations including Hankyu Department Store, Hanshin Department Store, and other supermarkets and shopping centers primarily within the Hankyu Hanshin Group.

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