Snaffles, a Hakodate Western Confectionery Brand, Opens New Dining Concept ‘Snaffles Dining’ at Hakodate Tsutaya Bookstore

Pêche Mignon, the company behind Hakodate Western Confectionery Snaffles, has launched a new dining concept, ‘Snaffles Dining’, at the Hakodate Tsutaya Bookstore in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, on March 26.

Since its inception in Hakodate in 1998, Snaffles has expanded its presence to include locations in Sapporo, New Chitose Airport, and the Tokyo area. Its signature product, the ‘Cheese Omelette’, is popular as an airport souvenir. The company also sells tarts, baked sweets, and other items online.

Snaffles Dining features a variety of menus infused with the spirit of Paris, proposed by Grand Chef Leda Schunuf. The offerings include meal options such as pasta and galette, as well as an ample dessert menu featuring parfaits, French toast, and profiteroles. A big-sized ‘Cheese Omelette’ is also available for a limited time, which can be enjoyed with several types of sauces. Additionally, crepes, french fries, deli items, bread, cake, and baked pastries are available as take-out options.

The restaurant operates from 11 AM to 9 PM.

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