‘Globetrotter’ collaborates with ‘MU’ for the 2nd edition, introducing Japan’s mystery spots

Gakken Holdings released ‘Globetrotter MU JAPAN – A Guide to the Mysterious Country’ on March 22.

As the second collaboration between ‘Globetrotter’ and ‘MU’, this edition introduces a carefully selected range of Japan’s mystery spots, from famous historical sites such as Jomon period relics and ancient burial mounds to eerie locations related to monsters, demons, and UFOs – all familiar yet enshrouded in mystery.

This edition uniquely arranges the ‘Travel Preparation and Skills’ section of ‘Globetrotter’ and includes advice on ‘Travel Troubles and Manners’; not only does it cover Japanese laws to keep in mind during adventures, but it also provides measures against attacks by monsters and Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA). Additionally, it contains basic ancient Japanese words that will surely come in handy should you unexpectedly encounter people from ancient times. The price is 2,420 yen (including tax).

‘Globetrotter MU’ has surpassed a total circulation of 140,000 copies and won the Seiun Award in the Non-Fiction category. Although production started immediately after the first edition was released, it took two years to complete.

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