Jetstar Japan’s Union Notifies of Strike Starting After 10 AM on March 29

Jetstar Japan (Airbus A320)

The Jetstar Crew Association (JCA), a labor union comprised of cabin crew and pilots of Jetstar Japan, has notified Jetstar Japan of a strike to begin after 10 AM on March 29.

The JCA is demanding the withdrawal of disciplinary actions against its members, which it deems “completely unjustified.” In a message believed to be addressed to employees by Yu Katayama, the president of Jetstar Japan, it is stated that, “The disciplinary actions have nothing to do with JCA’s involvement, but rather, are decisions made on several serious issues that have been reported within the company over a long period.”, and that the final decision was made by the disciplinary committee.

President Katayama mentioned in an email, “The safety and health of our employees are of utmost importance to the company. We cannot condone behavior that could be seen as intimidating or bullying, driving employees to resign, or requesting not to work with specific individuals to such an extent. We will implement human resources training and other measures to prevent the recurrence of similar issues.”

A spokesperson for Jetstar Japan stated that they are “in the process of confirming” which flights will be affected.

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