Yamazaki Baking Collaborates with Four Kansai Private Railways to Sell Special Lunch Packs

Yamazaki Baking

Yamazaki Baking, in collaboration with Kintetsu Railway, Keihan Electric Railway, Nankai Electric Railway, and Hankyu Railway, will start selling lunch packs inspired by each private railway from April 1st.

The products to be sold are the “Lunch Pack (Tonkatsu Style)” inspired by Kintetsu’s Yokkaichi specialty ‘Tonteki’, the “Lunch Pack (Mitarashi Dango Style)” inspired by Keihan’s Demachi Yanagi originated ‘Mitarashi Dango’, the “Lunch Pack (Poppy Seed Mochi and Matcha Whip)” inspired by Nankai’s Sakai specialty ‘Keshi Mochi’, and the “Lunch Pack (Chestnut An & Chocolate Whip and Azuki Bean & Matcha Whip)” inspired by Hankyu’s train body color.

These will be available as a limited edition from April 1st to May 31st, at Yamazaki product outlets in the Kansai and Chukyo areas.

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