Tokyo Dome Hotel Launches ‘Bakujou Sentai Bumbunger’ Concept Room

Tokyo Dome Hotel, Bakujou Sentai Bumbunger

Tokyo Dome Hotel will be offering a ‘Bakujou Sentai Bumbunger’ concept room from March 29, 2024, until early March 2025 (planned).

This hero concept room is themed after the 48th new hero ‘Bakujou Sentai Bumbunger’. The room features wall and bathroom decorations, a special message video from ‘Bun Red’, and toys to play with in the room. Sales are limited to one room per day.

The accommodation fee per person starts from 64,740 yen (including tax and service charges) for a double occupancy in the Premium Room Force with breakfast. Guests will receive an original ‘Bakujou Sentai Bumbunger room’ card key and amenities. Depending on the date, the plan might change to one that includes tickets for the ‘Bakujou Sentai Bumbunger’ hero show held at Tokyo Dome City Theater G-Rosso.

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