Japan Escon to Construct Hotel Near ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO, Attracts Banyan Group

Japan Escon is set to attract a hotel by the Banyan Group near the Hokkaido Ballpark F Village’s stadium, ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO.

Scheduled to open in March 2027, the project anticipates one of the Banyan Group’s ten brands for the hotel. The hotel will feature 177 rooms with room sizes varying from approximately 20 to 150 square meters. It will also include a restaurant, fitness room, spa, and large communal bath. While the primary focus is on baseball game viewers, the hotel also aims to serve as a base for tourists visiting Hokkaido. Japan Hotel Operations, a joint venture fully owned by both the Banyan Group and InTrans, will manage the operations.

Japan Escon had acquired the development land for the hotel in November. In the vicinity of the Hokkaido Ballpark F Village, the company is also developing a mixed-use community facility and a residential exchange facility at the west exit of Kitahiroshima Station.

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