Chubu International Airport Launches Commemorative Campaign for FDA’s Izumo Route, Featuring World’s Yamachan’s Chicken Wings

Chubu International Airport is holding a ‘Nice to meet you, Centrair Campaign’ from April 1 to July 31, to commemorate the launch of the Nagoya/Central to Izumo route by Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA).

Passengers on this route will be gifted with a serving of Nagoya’s famous chicken wings (5 pieces) at the World’s Yamachan Centrair store, available to the first 250 customers each month. Registration as a friend on LINE and obtaining a coupon, along with showing one’s boarding pass are required.

Furthermore, passengers on flights departing from Nagoya/Central can present their boarding passes at the comprehensive information center at Izumo Airport to receive a ‘Hime Lab Soap’, made with the hot spring water from Tamatsukuri Onsen. This offer is also limited to the first 250 customers per month.

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