Special Rapid Service Rapit and Nankai Namba Station to Feature Osaka/Kansai Expo Wrapping

Nankai Electric Railway is commemorating one year until the opening of the Osaka/Kansai Expo by wrapping the Special Express Rapit and Namba Station in the Osaka/Kansai Expo design system “Umi”.

The Special Express Rapit will be wrapped in the “Umi” design, which depicts the vivid life under the sea in harmony, and will start operating from April 13. The wrapping will be applied to one train set, with the operation period planned until October 13, 2025.

At Namba Station, wrapping will be applied to the Namba Wall on platform 9 from April 13 to July 14, and to the Namba Grand Staircase from April 8 to 21. The Namba Galleria Twin Vision and Nankai AD Vision will also broadcast videos and more.

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